Directory submission : Is the way to promote our blog

       Today I saw this post by Deepti Jain, I will try the tools to see what will be the result

By: Deepti Jain

     If you own a blog, how are you going to promote it in order to stay ahead of the competition?

     One of the simplest, yet very effective method: RSS and blog-specific directory. Submitting your RSS newsfeed and blog to specialized directories benefits your site in several ways.

     When a person is looking for newsfeeds to add to their RSS reader, it is highly likely they will visit an RSS directory to find newsfeeds on their subject of interest. Thus it helps in increasing your readership.

      There are several ways you can submit your RSS newsfeed and blog to the directories. Several directories exists: there are blog-specific directories like Technorati and Best of the Web blog directory, and RSS specific directories and search engines like Feedster.

      Besides blog and RSS specific search engines and directories can also submit blogs to regular directories that have categories for blogs, such as Yahoo.

     Here are few general, RSS and blog specific directories that you can submit your blog and RSS to:

Blog Promotion


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