I use this tool to bring in traffic

They’ve Got the Skinny on Blog Directories.

Did you see the skinny box below. I copy this article from

 http://super-blogging.blogspot.com as I have been using the same Tools to create traffic automatically

Register for a skinnyscore at www.blogskinny.com and increase traffic

Blogskinny.com is a blog directory I’ve been with for some time. I’ve always enjoyed the amount of traffic they’ve brought me, and I love the daily traffic reports they send me through email. Blogskinny brings a unique touch to directories – but now, they’re a billion times better!

A couple days ago I got an email telling me Blogskinny had composed a new list of directories. As I type, it currently lists 177 directories, and it’s constantly growing. Once again, they bring an unbelievably unique touch to this list.

First, you should register your blog with Blogskinny. Your blog will get decent exposure and a fair amount of traffic. After you’re all signed up, you can put up the “vote for me” button on your blog (look to the sidebar to see mine). Then, you can check out the whole list of directories and everytime you view a new directory, Blogskinny will save which ones you’ve seen already and which ones you haven’t. This is SO handy, because a lot of the time I forget!

And when you suggest a new directory that Blogskinny doesn’t have, you get 1,000 free impressions (views for people to see your blog). And there are countless other ways to get free impression credits, and I’m definitely going to try and take use of all of them!

This list of directories is the best I’ve seen. I get my blog more exposure while earning impressions on Blogskinny for even MORE exposure. It’s completely brilliant! So check out the blog directory listings today.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t know about the blogskinny yet as I am still straightening out my blog which is less than 3 months old. But I sure like what you put on MyblogLot recent reader as “Potential Business Partner.” Have you try blogger wave yet a new pay per post site, if not you must. Too bad they don’t have affiliate program, other while I can get some overriding. Hahaha I saw you link on my wordpress dashboard on Incoming link, so I thought of writing you a note to say thank you for you link. Thanks for your link.

  2. Hey nice post! I visited blogskinny and it’s pretty amazing

  3. Traffic is Key*

    i will looksee*


  4. Hello,
    Thanks for using my article but could you please state more clearly that it comes from my blog? Thanks very much I am flattered 🙂

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