Do you need a SEO Expert to be number one

 I been blogging for the pass few month, not doing much of collecting of name lists like what other do or doing much promotion on my site, as my site did not install a get response software, but I still able to collected about 100 email lists, with my not so well design and free blog, as I am doing some self learning .

      I am very lucky to have a Pagerank of 4 now and one of my blog key word did rank number #1 on google search engineer . click on link and see it for yourself. Do you wanted to know what the key word was. Success on line with me.   Is not direct from my blog is because I joined the mybloglog community         

     Therefore, some time you join forum and other community site it do help your ranking and get exposed to the search engineer with the help of the community web site ranking.



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