How to get tons of free traffic to your web site free.


     Welcome, everybody, to the exciting new hi-tech world of internet-based blogging! Did you know that today, over 25 million peoples world wide are writing their own blogs — and nearly 15 million people are actually reading them? With mind-boggling numbers like that, no wonder you are thinking about “taking a high dive” into the red-hot blogosphere jacuzzi. But as a multi-month veteran of the “scene,” I have too often witnessed the same tragic story — a naive rookie sets up a blog, posts a few articles, gets stymied by the lack of site hits, and quits in frustration to spend more time with his family.

       Alvin phang the man behind these atomic blogging program is the answer to it.

       Everyday, I hear the same frustrated questions, from where can we get traffic for free . We all know the few basic places we can get free traffic.1) Post at forum.2) article submission.3) social book marking.4) blogging.      These are the few suggestion from most Gurus will tell you. But do you know to post to all these site and forum it need a lots of time and is not very productive. If your want your sites to be know by 10 or 20 social book marking it may take hour. Will there be any better and easiest way with minimums cost.  It’s kind of confusing, but for your blog to be know to other you will need “software,” which is a “hi-tech” term for a thing inside the computer that keeps your blog from accidentally exploding and ruining all the wires. The key is to select the proper blogging software for your budget and level of stupidity. Many beginning bloggers use “Blogger,” which is free, but do not let the name confuse you — it will not automatically write your blog for you. Sophisticated users sometimes use hi-powered software like Movable Type and a hosting service. For Iowahawk I selected TypePad, which is somewhere in between, but does not have the full strobe seizure capabilities of Movable Type. Ultra-high-end users such as Andrew Sullivan sometime select secret atomic blogging systems that reportedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. If you choose this route, make sure you budget enough blog time for pledge drives. 

      How to get ton of traffic to your web site or blog  To help you through all that techno-drudgery, keep your mind focused on the most important goal of any blogger – watching that sweet, sweet money roll in. But let’s face it, it’s not just going to happen automatically. You first have to “bust a hump” and get the word out, and build your personal herd of cash cows. Your best chance at success is getting linked by million-hits-per-week bloggers .

          Atomic blogging should be the solution for the missing link TRAFFIC and is TON of Traffic.



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