Is john chow game over Why John Got Sent To The Penalty Box

    If you’ve done a Google search lately for ‘make money online’, you know that John Chow is no longer ranked #1.   

     I think it’s a good wake up call for everyone. We should all be building links as naturally as we can. John’s being sent to the penalty box was likely due to one of the following theories:

       His overly-aggressive link baiting. While his link baiting is masterful, it isn’t a natural way to get links. It’s one of those things that a lot of people could get away with, but John got caught since he got too big. I guess when you’re that big it’s only a matter of time until the wrong person sees how you’re getting all those links.

He’s linking to a ton of unrelated sites that add little or no value to his ‘make money online’ subject material. He’s got 15 site-wide, sponsored links and has done 87 batches with his ‘review for a link back’ promotion. That’s a lot of out-bound links that are pointing to sites. It is a definite possibility that his continued linking to such sites passed over some kind of Google boundary, triggering a filter. His 15 sponsored links are especially dangerous since he has over 3000 pages in Google’s index – that’s 45,000 outbound links that aren’t related to his subject material.

        I think his anchor link strategy was wrong. Making “Make Money Online” his only anchor link made the game very obviousIf Google had changed their algorithm to discount John’s linking scheme, I’d say you’d have something to worry about. Since they’re just penalizing his site across the board, I don’t think we have anything to worry about yet.

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  1. There are many spam scipts are flooding around the internet, people are using that to create backlink, it seems that google is more smart now a day, they focus on real content and not just depends on back link, in order to get a batter ranking, original content still play a important role.

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