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tk I do like the service that OnlyWire provides as it enables you to submit your articles, blogs posts to 19 social bookmarking sites at once which will guarantee you 19 backlinks to you site. However, users are not obliged to post to all the social bookmarking engines.

    OnlyWire provides a services that takes the hard work out of bookmarking your blog posts, articles at social bookmarking sites. This is because after you make a post on your blog, you can automatically bookmark that post at 19 different services that OnlyWire provides. And that will generate 19 backlinks to your site instantly.

    The OnlyWire services includes a page which explains how to add “Add Only Wire” to your blog or website.Also there is a page dedicated to recently tagged pages. This specific page is continuosly updated with different articles, blog posts, websites so whatever you post will not be on the recently tagged page for that long.

    So if you are looking for exposure for your blogs or websites, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog posts, articles or sites is to make it easier for users to ‘vote up’ your site at the social bookmarking site and Onlywire will enable you to submit your blog post, article or sites to multiple social bookmarking sites all at once.

     Also if you only make use of Onlywire naturally, meaning that you bookmark sites you like and not just your blog posts and articles then your accounts at each of the social bookmarking engines that Onlywire connects you to will enable you to gain TrustRank and PageRank over time.

    The 19 different services that OnlyWire currently supports are as follows:-

The 19 different services that OnlyWire currently supports are as follows:-

Name Service




















    OnlyWire also provides a facility to pick and choose the social bookmarking sites a user prefers to submit to. A user is only required to log on to whichever social bookmarking they wish to submit their entries to.

    My only concern is that I hope it wouldn’t turn out as an opportunity for spammers to misuse the service OnlyWire provides. Onlywire does state on their website that any user misusing the service will have their account terminated and IP address blocked.

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15 Responses

  1. Yeah, OnlyWire saves a lot of time. It is hard o manually submit to so many bookmarking sites. But unfortunately, OnlyWire does not support most of the major bookmarking sites, which require you to verify a code from an image.

    If only there was some way. True, it would make the sites open to Spam. i wish there was some other way.

  2. I think that Autosubmitting is only the first step and then you need to get traffic. Off course with Superior content your post will go viral but some posts need a gentle push just to get started on the path

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  4. I can’t see auto submit site!!!

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  11. what is OnlyWire mention is? blog plugin? script? or what?

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  13. i can find any auro submit software

  14. Thanks for the tips. Now they have made a wp plugin for wordpress and new sites too. so this is going to be much easy.

  15. thank for your sharing

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