I am a bit of a disappointing with PAP people.

Today my son do a search at Google about PAP history , it bring him to a forum that talk able people having problem with PAP system.  Below are some of the complain about PAP system 

I am a bit of a disappointing with PAP people.

 I bought your software (PAP pro) 6 months ago and I am using it professionally.
I was expecting more professionalism from your side since a lot of the updates that you have been talking about months ago are not working yet.
It looks that you are putting all your efforts in the OS X version and forgetting your actual user.
These are the things:

1- I never know when you launch a new version of the product so I have to keep downloading the software and check the release number. It says it is still a beta version the 4.04.83 beta

2-The undo button still not working for the timeline just for the drawing which i think is a terrible thing. You cannot test anything in the timeline or you have to be really careful because you cannot recover deleted frames. Horrible thing. Very tense to work this way.

3-Since 8 months the people in the forum have been asking for a better way to download and print the functions of the program and you haven’t done anything yet. You still having this annoying frameset page. No PDF or not just a plain html document with the functions. It will take 1 hour to do this and it will be very helpful for all of us.

I love your software. I think is an amazing product but it makes me really sad and frustrated to see that it doesn’t improve and that it is kind of insecure to work with it.

I would like to know when are you planning to launch a solid definitive version of PAP with all the new features you promise.
Also I would like to know if it will be possible to switch the license from my PC to my mac.
I bought it for PC because at that time you didn’t even talk about a mac version but if you are planning to launch a solid OS X version I would love to use it in my G5.
Thanks a lot for you attention.
I hope to hear good news from you guys soon !! Check out the web site here more about PAP ((Plastic animation paper) system http://www.plasticanimationpaper.dk/forum/index.php Are you confuse, my son was confuse after reading it and is not what he wanted .

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