Is it John chow dot com or John cow dot com

       Do you know what? I recently came across this site – John cow dot com.It is right now shown as a Hot community in Mybloglog.

        Well read it again…it is not john chow dot com.Many bloggers would have known John chow.He is a blogger on “How to make Money online?” and one among the top bloggers. But do you know John cow dot com?.This site’s web design layout is almost the same as John chow dot com.Infact the title and the url differs by only the “h”…Well is “h” silent in John chow?!! Take a look at this…On the left you have John cow’s thumbnail image and on the right you have John Cow’s.Oops I am confused here…Well it is actually John chow dot com on the left and John cow dot com on the right !!!

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       Man, how did he do this? Was he the one who developed the website for John chow?!!

      The author of John cow dot com doesn’t seem to be from china but still he has done great work in reproducing John chow’s site…All these days I was of the belief that Only the chinese are good at this – reproducing others’ work whether it be the electronics or the manufacturing sector.But here is a guy who has done it to a guy of chinese origin – John chow,but it is in the IT sector.Amazing irony…

       Well I was going through John cow dot com and I noticed only these…He has it as “Here’s A Few Mooo Related Posts” instead of “Here’s A Few More Related Posts” and he missed those smileys just above the comment box…Other than this and ofcourse except for the banner and a few more images..his site is a ditto of John chow dot com

       Here is a question that popped up my mind.Does anyone have copyrights on the site design or is it only on the contents? Anyway I don’t believe in copyrights on site layout or images.But still feel free to share your opinion in the comments section of this blog…

      Joh cow dot com also has a Review Me image for $40 but it will take you to a contact form unlike the John chow dot com’s Review Me button for $400 that will take you to the actual Review Me site.

     After checking from both the site i am thinking of design or set up some like them as we are all started with a john.  Johnxia
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Steps to write an article.

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      Me? write an article? You’ve got to be kidding! How could I? Its impossible!Is this your reaction at the thought of writing an article? If it is, you are not alone. Articles sound they need to be written by noted professionals. Don’t be fooled, it really is not true. As long as you are comfortable with what you are writing about, there is no reason for you not to write your experiences and opinions. Article writing is not that hard.Let’s get started…Step 1

Figure out *what* you want to write about.

        Find out what your readers are interested in. Research key words and phrases that are frequently searched for. If you use these, the chances that your article will be searched for will be that much higher.There are various formats that you could try:

  • Tips : a list of several tips on a topic. Write a few sentences of explanation for each tip.
  • Tutorial : a ‘how to’ for your readers (something like this post). This is better for those who have a good grounding in the topic they are writing about.
  • Resources : compile resources that your audience may like to know about. (this is a harder way to gain traffic as its less personal)

Step 2
*Structure* your content

       Although there are some writers that just sit down at their desks and write, this strategy does not work for most of us. It frequently results in confusing and unfocused articles.Take the time to sit down and write down your main points. Figure out what should come first and what you should end with. Work out what you want to write for your introduction and your conclusion.The introduction should set the stage for the rest of the article. Something that either describes what you are planning to achieve or something that captures your reader’s attention and curiosity.The conclusion should draw all the various points together into a cohesive whole.

Step 3
*Create* a powerful headline

         A title that is a question or begins with “how to” usually has a better response than headlines that do not.

Step 4
Add the ‘meat’ to your main points

         Think of your your topic and main points of discussion as the skeleton of the article. Now, its time to layer on the meat and muscles. This is easy to do. Just add a few sentences to explain or give examples for each point.You can choose to hire a ghostwriter to do the actual writing at this point however writing the article by yourself frequently results in more satisfaction. You may even be surprised that you’ll enjoy the process. Put aside your fears and hesitations…try it!

Step 5
*Resource box* – your traffic generator

       You will need to formulate a resource box to add at the end of your article. It should include your name, a short description of yourself, a description of your business/website and a call to action (a reason to visit your link).Finish these five steps and you’ll have written your very first article! Congratulations! It was easier than you expected wasn’t it? Use these steps again and again to write more articles and turbo boost your internet marketing effort