A New Way to Pay – Google Expands Pay-Per-Action for Google AdWords

       Google announced today the worldwide expansion of its pay-per-action advertising beta. Pay-per-action is a new pricing model that allows advertisers to pay only when a pre-defined action is completed on their site, such as when a user makes a purchase, signs up for a newsletter, or completes any other clearly defined action. Since the initial launch of the pay-per-action advertising beta in March 2007, many advertisers who have used the new pricing model are pleased with the opportunity to have more ways to promote their products and services online.

    “Pay-per-action advertising helped our company make the most of our marketing budget,” said Alexandre Douzet, Executive Vice President and General Manager, TheLadders.com, the leading $100k+ job search web site and an early adopter of Google’s pay-per-action advertising model. “At TheLadders.com, we are big proponents of marketing efficiency, so the ability to supplement our existing cost-per-click campaigns with a model that rewards qualified leads makes a lot of sense to us.”

     Starting today, advertisers in the beta will see an alert in their AdWords account informing them that they can now create pay-per-action campaigns. Going forward, advertisers who have enabled AdWords conversion tracking and received more than 500 conversions from their CPC and CPM-based campaigns in the past 30 days will be automatically added to the beta on a rolling basis.

      Pay-per-action ads are only shown on publisher sites in the Google content network, also known as Google AdSense™ for content sites. Publishers in the Google content network who want greater control over the ads shown on their sites may select between individual ads, a shopping cart of ads, or a specific keyword that is relevant to their site’s content. These publisher-selected ad units contain only pay-per-action ads, and therefore, they do not compete in the auction against CPC or CPM-based ads, which are served in separate AdSense for content ad units.

      With this new pricing model, both advertisers and publishers gain more precision and control over their efforts to effectively spend advertising budgets and deliver relevant ads to related website content. Pay-per-action advertising is now available to qualifying advertisers worldwide.

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Do you need a SEO Expert to be number one

 I been blogging for the pass few month, not doing much of collecting of name lists like what other do or doing much promotion on my site, as my site did not install a get response software, but I still able to collected about 100 email lists, with my not so well design and free blog, as I am doing some self learning .

      I am very lucky to have a Pagerank of 4 now and one of my blog key word did rank number #1 on google search engineer . click on link and see it for yourself. Do you wanted to know what the key word was. Success on line with me.   Is not direct from my blog is because I joined the mybloglog community http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/johnxia888/         

     Therefore, some time you join forum and other community site it do help your ranking and get exposed to the search engineer with the help of the community web site ranking.


Link out for pagerank

    Link out to other blogs like crazy. If you link to interesting articles on other blogs, they will link back to interesting articles that you have. Bloggers usually check their site stats every 30 seconds, they’ll see that you have linked to them. (It’s an addiction!) Many people don’t want to link out because it spreads their pagerank thin. Would you rather have pagerank or money? I, personally would rather have money. Pagerank will come. It won’t do you any good to have high pagerank if you don’t have any traffic, and most people don’t realize that the two aren’t as tied together as it seems.

Grab The Bookmarketer For Your Site

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Why are you a blogger


       Today when I check on this web site http://courtneytuttle.com/, I learn a great lesson .this site provide many info for new blogger like me to learn .

       Here is a link that you can use to generate code for your tags. You just have to type in the word you want to use for the tag, and it will generate the tag code for you. Tag Generator. If you don’t know what Technorati tags are yet, read on! Continue reading