Check your Pagerank

Today I have created a link exchange page    , as now I am at PageRank 4/10  you can check out here or even check your own page rank 


Get Romance with feng shui Part 2

    If you keep flowers in the room (an excellent way to attract romance into your life), make sure they are always fresh. Silk flowers are an okay alternative, provided they are free of dust. But no dried flowers as they signify death. Also, make sure roses are dethorned. And yes, no cactii either.     Continue reading

You will not be sleepping lonely any more

Read an article found  an advertisement of bed sheet , Your will not be lonely again if you have this bed sheet .

 Never sleep with less than four women bed sheet .

Creative is the way to bring in business and customer .if we have a business be more creative think out of the box , dare to try new way ,think out of the box ,the sky the limit.

Can windows writer help us with our blog design

441871388_19151ec2271.jpgThe following is a summary of the changes in the Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update:

Today when i was check my blog a members sent me a link and show me about this .  it claim that it help in many way like pre design your layout of you post

  • Tagging support
  • Support for Blogger Beta
  • Categories are sorted by name and support scrolling, plus improved support for reading categories from your blog
  • Improved startup performance
  • Paste is enabled for Title region and TAB/SHIFT+TAB navigation between title and body supported
  • Insert hyperlink added to context menu when text is selected
  • Title attribute in Insert Link dialog
  • Custom date support for Community Server
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for switching views
  • Change spell-check shortcut key to F7
  • Add ‘png’ to insert image dialog file type filter
  • More robust image posting to Live Spaces
  • Improved style detection for blogs 
  • Fixed issues with pasting URLs and links
  • Remember last window size and position when opening a new post
  • Open post dialog retrieves more than 25 old posts

The following is a summary of the changes in the Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update:

I am now trying to post by using windows writerr

3 column theme

Ready or Not      Today I have just changed my to a New 3 column custom template ,design by still playing with the arrangement, seem working well so far . but as for this WordPress blog as it rest on the there is some limitation with this blog . may be time to change and host it out isde and start to do some tagging and aricle submission any suggestion .

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

 As in the pass few day was very busy with my company project so no time to up date to my blog. below are something Interesting  to share .

Will both systems work

         This is not a promotion as I don’t own this program.   When checking my mail today, two people sent me two programs as below. The price should consider reasonable. But I will check out with other, have any members Use it before or whether is an out dated info.   

       1)     Cracking The Internet  Millionaire Code“  Online CD Components Voting your commitment at $251 $9.77   

       2)Any members here try these   is a blog automation software Downloading the entire Autopilot Profits™ System for a tiny one-time payment of just $1,997.00, $797.00, $297.00 $97.00 $27  

      Is there a catch or out dated info, I will try to find out and update here..  Or any members did try out other do share with me