Atomic blogging software

   Last week I was at the seminar conducted by Alvin Phang About how to get traffic or automatic drive traffic to your site.By using these Atomatic blogging software or Atomic blogging software

   How to get Repeat visitors, he has share with us many ways and most are free. Below is one of the techniques he shares with us. This post is a way I want to say Thank you to him.– Viral social bookmarking
– Viral linking
– SEO-friendly links (from social bookmarking sites)
– SEO-friendly links elsewhere (as a result of links on social bookmarking sites) Now let’s look at what steps you, as a blogger, you can increase your website’s benefits from social bookmarking.

MAKE IT EASY for your visitors to social bookmark your website. This means offering them as many options as possible. You might want to use a multi-bookmarking service, It also means making the bookmarking links easy to find, usually at the top of the page or at the base of an article.

BOOKMARK YOUR PAGES yourself. Yes, this means signing up for accounts at several bookmarking services. Choose as many or as few as you wish, but remember that when it comes to marketing your website, the more venues the better. Do I have to remind you to call your mother? This would be an excellent time…”Hi mom, How are you doing? Yes, I know it’s been a while…by the way, do you Digg?” Don’t be shy; ask family and friends to social bookmark your pages, too. 

SWAP BOOKMARKS with others who also want their pages bookmarked. For instance, if you search Google for ” Bookmarketer “, you will find other websites that are actively courting social bookmarks. All you have to do is offer to bookmark some of their pages if they bookmark some of yours. It’s a lot like a link exchange, except that it plays out on other websites. Now some social bookmarkers look askance at such joint ventures, and some even think that webmasters should not be promoting their websites at all.

PARTICIPATE in the social bookmarking site. There are some services that don’t feature much participation; others are very participatory. Where you have the option, develop a large friend’s list, so that you can easily share bookmarks. Bookmark, tag or comment on others’ bookmarks. Being a good citizen gives a person credibility in the community…even the online community.  

BOOKMARK OTHER PAGES that already link to your website. Don’t just bookmark your own pages; bookmark those that link to yours. Choose especially pages that are relevant, that do not compete directly with yours and that list very few of your competitors. Let’s face it, if traffic to all those pages goes up, so does traffic to your website. And if link value goes up to all those pages, so does link-value to your website.

 IF YOU HAVE A LIST, ask them to bookmark any new page on your website that you want to generate traffic to. And speaking of new pages…

HAVE OUTSTANDING CONTENT. If your content doesn’t stand out, the best you can do is your own contrived bookmarking. Sure, that can help, but it’s nothing compared to the power of thousands of people bookmarking your web pages because they think it’s just awesome! All the social bookmarking and SEO tactics you employ can massively help to market your website, but without great content your chances of success are pretty slim. Put up the content, make it easy for people to social bookmark your website, bookmark some of your own pages and encourage anybody you know to do likewise.


How to have four girl to sleep with you free

      Never sleep with less than four women on the bed, see how I do it in my blog.You have to find creative idea and way to bring them to your bed.

    Creative is the way to bring in business and customer .if we have a business be more creative, think out of the box , dare to try new way ,think out of the box ,the sky the limit. below are the few type of bed sheet that are not selling at most of the store. as I am testing the result of this head line to see whether I can have more that 100 click to my blog the next one week .

as for as now my blog have 4322 click . I will see whether this post will bring in more traffic as I will submit to many social bookmarking site .

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I am a bit of a disappointing with PAP people.

Today my son do a search at Google about PAP history , it bring him to a forum that talk able people having problem with PAP system.  Below are some of the complain about PAP system 

I am a bit of a disappointing with PAP people.

 I bought your software (PAP pro) 6 months ago and I am using it professionally.
I was expecting more professionalism from your side since a lot of the updates that you have been talking about months ago are not working yet.
It looks that you are putting all your efforts in the OS X version and forgetting your actual user.
These are the things:

1- I never know when you launch a new version of the product so I have to keep downloading the software and check the release number. It says it is still a beta version the 4.04.83 beta

2-The undo button still not working for the timeline just for the drawing which i think is a terrible thing. You cannot test anything in the timeline or you have to be really careful because you cannot recover deleted frames. Horrible thing. Very tense to work this way.

3-Since 8 months the people in the forum have been asking for a better way to download and print the functions of the program and you haven’t done anything yet. You still having this annoying frameset page. No PDF or not just a plain html document with the functions. It will take 1 hour to do this and it will be very helpful for all of us.

I love your software. I think is an amazing product but it makes me really sad and frustrated to see that it doesn’t improve and that it is kind of insecure to work with it.

I would like to know when are you planning to launch a solid definitive version of PAP with all the new features you promise.
Also I would like to know if it will be possible to switch the license from my PC to my mac.
I bought it for PC because at that time you didn’t even talk about a mac version but if you are planning to launch a solid OS X version I would love to use it in my G5.
Thanks a lot for you attention.
I hope to hear good news from you guys soon !! Check out the web site here more about PAP ((Plastic animation paper) system Are you confuse, my son was confuse after reading it and is not what he wanted .

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Free auto social bookmarking site

tk I do like the service that OnlyWire provides as it enables you to submit your articles, blogs posts to 19 social bookmarking sites at once which will guarantee you 19 backlinks to you site. However, users are not obliged to post to all the social bookmarking engines.

    OnlyWire provides a services that takes the hard work out of bookmarking your blog posts, articles at social bookmarking sites. This is because after you make a post on your blog, you can automatically bookmark that post at 19 different services that OnlyWire provides. And that will generate 19 backlinks to your site instantly.

    The OnlyWire services includes a page which explains how to add “Add Only Wire” to your blog or website.Also there is a page dedicated to recently tagged pages. This specific page is continuosly updated with different articles, blog posts, websites so whatever you post will not be on the recently tagged page for that long.

    So if you are looking for exposure for your blogs or websites, one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog posts, articles or sites is to make it easier for users to ‘vote up’ your site at the social bookmarking site and Onlywire will enable you to submit your blog post, article or sites to multiple social bookmarking sites all at once.

     Also if you only make use of Onlywire naturally, meaning that you bookmark sites you like and not just your blog posts and articles then your accounts at each of the social bookmarking engines that Onlywire connects you to will enable you to gain TrustRank and PageRank over time.

    The 19 different services that OnlyWire currently supports are as follows:-

The 19 different services that OnlyWire currently supports are as follows:-

Name Service




















    OnlyWire also provides a facility to pick and choose the social bookmarking sites a user prefers to submit to. A user is only required to log on to whichever social bookmarking they wish to submit their entries to.

    My only concern is that I hope it wouldn’t turn out as an opportunity for spammers to misuse the service OnlyWire provides. Onlywire does state on their website that any user misusing the service will have their account terminated and IP address blocked.

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Will Google pay service kick out paypal and other

       Will paypal and other payment processor wait for what is coming their way? Google is preparing an online payment system that would compete with PayPal, according to an online retailer who has been approached by Google to take part in the effort.    In addition to representing a direct challenge to eBay, which owns PayPal, the largest Internet payment system, the move signals Google’s intention to become much more deeply involved in online commerce.          

        In April, Google filed documents to create Google Payments, a company in California. The development was disclosed by SearchEngineWatch, a newsletter. Sara Bettencourt, a spokeswoman for PayPal, said the company had heard rumors of a Google payment service but would not comment further. PayPal has 72 million accounts and handled $6.2 billion in payments in the first quarter.  One question about the prospective Google service is how ambitious it will be. Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies offer “wallet” services that allow users to store credit card numbers for use while shopping at participating merchants.       

      PayPal also allows such credit card purchases, and it gives users accounts where they can deposit and withdraw money via electronic transfers to bank accounts. This allows PayPal to be used to send money between individuals. Wingo said merchants had told him that Google’s system was intended to rival the broad scope of PayPal rather than the narrow wallet systems.  The prospect of a payment system could help Google’s core search advertising business as well, analysts said. Google has a trove of data about what Web sites people visit. Data about what people actually purchase could help it offer more effective advertisements. Some merchants wonder what Google could offer that would make its service more attractive than their own credit card systems. “I have nothing bad to say about Google, but I don’t see what the advantage would be,” said Michael Golden, chief executive of, an online store. He said he accepted PayPal only for the part of his business that conducted auctions on eBay.      But others suggested that just as eBay can promote PayPal, Google’s reach and reputation could help promote its service. Google could, for example, place an icon on advertisements, or listings on Froogle, indicating that certain stores accepted its payment system.  

What action plan will paypal take ?let  wait and  see

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Why do blogging and what web 2.0 can help you

 Why do blogging and what web 2.0 can help you.

     To share information, sell ideas, business links , services , sell on line, Build Name/Brand Recognition, Grow Your Business, Share Knowledge, Create a Personal Voice, Make Money. .

     The tools and resources the professional Web 2.0marketers use to get buzz, rankings, links, and all the traffic wewant to any site we want on any topic you can think of. The reason why tie Web 2.0 to Social Marketing is simple: Web 2.0,from a website owner’s perspective, is important because of the focuson user submitted and user controlled content that many Web2.0 services and sites (but not all) allow. Generally speaking, if people can submit links to content, submitcontent, make comments and vote good/bad content up/down thusaffecting the amount of traffic that content can generate, it’s Web 2.0.Voting, commenting, and actions the visitors take that control whatshows up in the most prominent places on any given site is Web 2.0.As a marketer, being aware of the best places to show up and howthey work will bring you traffic. More traffic than you ever got withoutsocial marketing in many cases. Being linked to by a lot of authority sites in their own right, your siteclimbs the rankings in the engines as well. It gets spidered more oftenand more deeply than if you were, say, focusing your efforts on articlesyndication alone.This article is an attempt to clarify just what we mean by Web 2.0.

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick –> Google AdSense
Ofoto –> Flickr
Akamai –> BitTorrent –> Napster
Britannica Online –> Wikipedia
personal websites –> blogging
evite –> and EVDB
domain name speculation –> search engine optimization
page views –> cost per click
screen scraping –> web services
publishing –> participation
content management systems –> wikis
directories (taxonomy) –> tagging (“folksonomy”)
stickiness –> syndication

Can we do it automically or use tools to submit to many site automatically ,that create flow of traffic to our blog or web site.Check out the video how it help you do do it automically


Learn all about blogging for real money from the latest blogging success story, Alvin Phang!

In the age of fast-rising Web 2.0 sites and dynamics, Alvin has concocted his own methodology to leverage on using Web 2.0 to gain an upper edge in getting more traffic to your websites and generating more cash online.

In the whole context of “Atomic Blogging“, anyone can

* Learn how to set up their own websites and blogs easily with WordPress
* Get help finding an appropriate domain name
* Install and customize WordPress modules and themes only in the way Alvin recommends
* SEO their blogs for more visitors, readers and potential customers
* Harness the power of RSS feeds to easily broadcast to countless websites using a simple and easy to use one-click process.
* Learn all about article marketing, blog comments and blog reviews

…And most important of all, reach the next generation of Internet users through Web 2.0 sites which they will otherwise lose out on a lot of would-be customers!

Alvin has been ranked as one of the the world’s top blogger on the Internet getting an Alexa Ranking of 37,677 out of beating 1 million over websites and rising in Technorati getting ranked at 16,180 out of 71 million other blogs. Miss his nuggets at your own opportunity cost!

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Is john chow game over Why John Got Sent To The Penalty Box

    If you’ve done a Google search lately for ‘make money online’, you know that John Chow is no longer ranked #1.   

     I think it’s a good wake up call for everyone. We should all be building links as naturally as we can. John’s being sent to the penalty box was likely due to one of the following theories:

       His overly-aggressive link baiting. While his link baiting is masterful, it isn’t a natural way to get links. It’s one of those things that a lot of people could get away with, but John got caught since he got too big. I guess when you’re that big it’s only a matter of time until the wrong person sees how you’re getting all those links.

He’s linking to a ton of unrelated sites that add little or no value to his ‘make money online’ subject material. He’s got 15 site-wide, sponsored links and has done 87 batches with his ‘review for a link back’ promotion. That’s a lot of out-bound links that are pointing to sites. It is a definite possibility that his continued linking to such sites passed over some kind of Google boundary, triggering a filter. His 15 sponsored links are especially dangerous since he has over 3000 pages in Google’s index – that’s 45,000 outbound links that aren’t related to his subject material.

        I think his anchor link strategy was wrong. Making “Make Money Online” his only anchor link made the game very obviousIf Google had changed their algorithm to discount John’s linking scheme, I’d say you’d have something to worry about. Since they’re just penalizing his site across the board, I don’t think we have anything to worry about yet.

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