First impressions

       I’m sure you’ve seen examples of great websites on the internet – and also examples of really “Bad” websites. First impressions are extremely important – you have about 20 seconds to make that first impression a good one. If you want your visitor to come back you’ve got to do a lot to impress them in an extremely short period of time.
Many individuals or small business owners often opt to design and build their own websites. Without proper experience or website design background many mistakes are made. If you are a beginner then there are several things you should keep in mind to avoid before designing your website.
Here are several common mistakes which should be avoided when designing your new website.
1. Slow Loading Pages

Problem: Have you ever gone to a website and waited and waited for it to load?
Solution: Optimize your images at a lower resolution to achieve faster loading pages. Keep your page sizes well under 60 KB.
2. Page Layout
Problem: Websites that have the navigation in different places throughout the site. It looks cluttered and unprofessional.
Solution: Be consistent and be organized in your websites layout. Make sure all your web pages look the same and the websites navigation is in the same location on each page.
3. Wild and Crazy Color Schemes
Problem: Have you ever visited a website that has a background with a bright, neon color and can’t read the content because the colors are so loud? What’s the point?
Solution: Think “easy to read.” Avoid dark backgrounds with light colored fonts. White background with black text is best for the general public.
4. Spelling and Grammar Errors
Problem: Spelling and grammar errors just jump off the page.
Solution: Always spell check.
5. Text on the Page
Problem: Most internet users don’t read web pages – they scan them.
Solution: Make sure your page is easy to read. Break text into manageable pieces, use sub-headings, short paragraphs, highlighted keywords and bullet points.
6. Font Styles and Sizes
Problem: Serif fonts such as Times New Roman are more difficult to read on a computer monitor. Also, text that is too small or way too big are hard to read.
Solution: Use non-serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana or MS Sans Serif for web pages that will be read online. Your page will look much better, more professional, and will be much easier for your visitor to read.
7. Not Enough “White Space”
Problem: Too many words on a web page can be overwhelming.
Solution: Make your page easy to read by breaking the text into smaller, more manageable pieces. Also, use sub-headings and bullet points.
8. Cheesy Music that the User Cannot Control
Problem: Background music on a site that does not fit. Next, not being able to shut it off.
Solution: If you think you need to use music on your website for some reason, then make sure you offer your visitors the option to turn it off, or on, quickly and easily.
9. Poor Layout and Design
Problem: Have you ever been to a website that is simply just “too much”? It’s like they are trying to fill every available pixel of space on the entire page.
Solution: Don’t overdo it when designing your pages. Just because you can add something doesn’t mean you have to. Leave plenty of white space between your text and images.
10. Overly Long Pages
Problem: Ever been to a website with a page that just scrolls down forever?
Solution: Most people will never scan down to the bottom of really long pages. It’s better to have several short pages vs. a few really long pages.
11. Non-Standard Links
Problem: You go to a website and aren’t sure which words are really links because the link colors have been changed.
Solution: Don’t confuse your users. Keep the link colors as they are.
12. Under Construction signs
Problem: Have you ever been to a website and found a page with no content of any type but a big “Under Construction” sign instead?
Solution: Don’t use “Under Construction” signs on your website.
13. Didn’t Test Your Web Site
Problem: Ever been to a website that just looks like a mess? Maybe you saw text overlapping images, weird alignment, etc.
Solution: Always check to see what your site looks like in multiple browsers and change accordingly before uploading your site to the web.
14. Unclear Navigation
Problem: You don’t enjoy broken links, error pages or too many moving objects – neither do your websites visitors. If navigation is too difficult to follow, visitors won’t return.
Solution: Make sure that your navigation is easy to read, find and to follow. Also, make sure that it is in the same spot on all of your websites pages.
15. Sloppy Web Site Copy
Problem: Have you ever visited a website with missing words, bad grammar, or it just didn’t make sense?
Solution: Always remember, “Content is King” on the internet, so make sure there is plenty of good, focused information for your visitors.
16. Never Updating Your Site
Problem: Ever go to a website that hasn’t been changed at all over the last few times that you’ve visited it?
Solution: You should always update the content on your site frequently.
17. Too Many Clicks
Problem: Have you ever gone to a website, found something you’re interested in checking out, and then had to click, click, click before you found the item you were looking for (if you didn’t give up first)?
Solution: Don’t test the patience of your visitors. Make sure that everything can be found on your site within 3 clicks or less.
18. No Privacy Policy
Problem: No Privacy Policy page is listed on a website.
Solution: Post a Privacy Policy on your website. Make sure that your customers know that you will not share their addresses with anyone.
19. No Company Contact Information
Problem: A company with no address or contact information is not one you necessarily want to give your money to.
Solution: Email addresses or phone numbers are most often seen as contact information on websites, however, having a physical mailing address on your web site adds another key credibility factor.
20. Using Free Web Hosting
Problem: You visit a web page that has a name so long you’ll never remember it because it is from one of those free website hosts.
Solution: If you want your internet business to be taken seriously avoid using free web hosting. This all adds to the issue of credibility.
21. Using Free E-mail Addresses
Problem: You visit a website and try to send an email to them, however the email addresses are not associated with the domain name.
Solution: Using a free email address, such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail, is never appropriate for your website. On your website, always use an email addresses associated with your own business domain name.
22. Advertisements
Problem: You’ve come to a website where the pages are cluttered with a lot of different advertisements.
Solution: A lot of people are using advertisements to earn extra money. That’s fine, just don’t overdo it.
23. Bad Images
Problem: How many times have you seen a web page with missing graphics files or misshaped images?
Solution: Always optimize your images and use the height and width attributes of the image tag. Additionally, save the files in the right image formats: JPG for Photographs and GIF for artwork.
24. This Website Best Viewed on …..
Problem: This is often seen on many beginner websites.
Solution: Simply don’t use this on your website.
25. No Prices
Problem: Websites that don’t have product prices listed clearly.
Solution: If you’re selling a product on your website, ALWAYS include a price with the item description.
And here’s a list of things that you should just avoid, or should not forget, simply because it’s the right thing to do, website design-wise. And here they are:
Frames, Hit counters, Orphan pages, Anything “Cutesy”, Pop ups, Fancy Fonts, Don’t overuse Flash, Avoid Javascript links, Blinking text , Animated GIFs, Missing Meta Tags, Horizontal (sideways) Scrolling, Don’t underline or color normal text, Don’t forget functional links on your footer, Don’t forget about your Marketing Strategies, Don’t forget to include anchor text on your links, Never subscribe a visitor for anything without his consent, Don’t leave the home page title as “Welcome to”, Avoid using all the “Bells And Whistles” simply because you can, Not Taking Advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website
Whether you have created your own website or are working with someone else on creating your website, I hope all these ideas above will help you build a better website that steadily attracts visitors. If you’ve never built a website on your own, I hope the tips above help you design the best site that you can and help you to avoid all these issues in the future. Knowledge is critical.


I am not wearing under wear today video

In the pass few day I was using my windows movie maker tool to copy powerpoint photo, clip photo into video file ,that allow me to post at youtube for testing , Youtube is a good place to do internet marketing , and the Test video that I created  for testing can add my web site address on the video clip and add audio on it, will report to see what will the hit on my site.


Google is overhauling its search system

Google is overhauling its search system so it returns “universal” results not just those from webpages.   


The change means users will also get results from news sites, blogs, video services and other relevant places.

 Before now the different categories have been separate which meant searches had to be repeated to pick up all possible results.

The expanded results will be available via a series of tabs that will appear on the results page.

Drilling down

    “It’s breaking down the silos of information that have been built up,” said Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search and user experience.

“It’s a broad, long-term vision that will unfold over the next few years,” she said.

Initially the changes only affect searches done on in English.

      The change means when users carry out a search, it will also be run in the background on all the other categories of information that Google indexes.

       A series of tabs will appear between the search box and the results that let users navigate to other categories.

      Clicking on a tab will let people drill down into a specific category of results such as patents or products.

      Results returned in other categories, such as blogs or video, will not just be from companies that Google owns.

     As well as the changes to searches, the firm is introducing drop-down lists that let users quickly switch to other Google properties, such as GMail, and search for results there.

       By making the move Google is following other search sites such as Amazon’s A9 and Ask which let users navigate quickly to other categories of information or relevant results.


I use this tool to bring in traffic

They’ve Got the Skinny on Blog Directories.

Did you see the skinny box below. I copy this article from as I have been using the same Tools to create traffic automatically

Register for a skinnyscore at and increase traffic is a blog directory I’ve been with for some time. I’ve always enjoyed the amount of traffic they’ve brought me, and I love the daily traffic reports they send me through email. Blogskinny brings a unique touch to directories – but now, they’re a billion times better!

A couple days ago I got an email telling me Blogskinny had composed a new list of directories. As I type, it currently lists 177 directories, and it’s constantly growing. Once again, they bring an unbelievably unique touch to this list.

First, you should register your blog with Blogskinny. Your blog will get decent exposure and a fair amount of traffic. After you’re all signed up, you can put up the “vote for me” button on your blog (look to the sidebar to see mine). Then, you can check out the whole list of directories and everytime you view a new directory, Blogskinny will save which ones you’ve seen already and which ones you haven’t. This is SO handy, because a lot of the time I forget!

And when you suggest a new directory that Blogskinny doesn’t have, you get 1,000 free impressions (views for people to see your blog). And there are countless other ways to get free impression credits, and I’m definitely going to try and take use of all of them!

This list of directories is the best I’ve seen. I get my blog more exposure while earning impressions on Blogskinny for even MORE exposure. It’s completely brilliant! So check out the blog directory listings today.

Link out for pagerank

    Link out to other blogs like crazy. If you link to interesting articles on other blogs, they will link back to interesting articles that you have. Bloggers usually check their site stats every 30 seconds, they’ll see that you have linked to them. (It’s an addiction!) Many people don’t want to link out because it spreads their pagerank thin. Would you rather have pagerank or money? I, personally would rather have money. Pagerank will come. It won’t do you any good to have high pagerank if you don’t have any traffic, and most people don’t realize that the two aren’t as tied together as it seems.

Grab The Bookmarketer For Your Site

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Why are you a blogger


       Today when I check on this web site, I learn a great lesson .this site provide many info for new blogger like me to learn .

       Here is a link that you can use to generate code for your tags. You just have to type in the word you want to use for the tag, and it will generate the tag code for you. Tag Generator. If you don’t know what Technorati tags are yet, read on! Continue reading

Google Launches New Pay-Per-Action System

Google Launches New Pay-Per-Action System  

Google have (finally) launched a pay-per-action advertising system. Instead of paying when someone clicks on your ad with AdWords for example, you only pay when someone performs a specific task that you choose – such as signing up for your newsletter, making an order, downloading a whitepaper, etc. Here’s the official description from Google’s pay-per-action site Pay-per-action ads complement your current campaigns by providing a new pricing model that extends your reach and allows you to pay only when a defined action is completed on your site. This beta feature is currently available to AdWords advertisers in the
United States on a limited basis as part of our beta test.
  From the pay-per-action FAQ

I do hope that this new adWord advertising option will open up to the world ,pay only you see result .